“Daddy! Daddy!”

As a mother who is still breastfeeding and has a toddler who won’t sleep through the night, there is no sweeter phrase at 3am than the chorus of DADDDDYYYYY! DAAAAAAAADDDDYYYYYY!

We have tried a few times to night wean our daughter but every time we are left in an exhausted heap, defeated by the sheer willpower of a child whose age is still measured in months. I see now how breakable they were at 6 months rather than 16, 18… 22. However, 24 seems to be the magic number for us.

Kitted out with an armchair, a Gro Clock and grit, we decided to try to ‘sleep train’ our 2 year old. Again. If you’ve not met our 2 year old, her favourite phrases are “NO! MINE!” and “More boobies”. She’s a hard cookie and won’t take lightly to being told what to do. Case in point today when she was told that maybe shaking ones Quorn scotch egg upside down may lead to the egg falling out. “Oh no!!! Egg on the floor. Egg ON THE FLOOOOR. *Shrug* Birdies eat it.”

Anyway, I digress… Basically toddlers are humans too and they don’t want people telling them what to do. They also want cuddles at night time and if they can have a delicious (boob) snack while you’re at it that’d be marvellous.

Somehow, I say somehow but I think it was to do with me drinking loads of wine and poking my dearest life partner awake and grunting “Yougo”, we have managed to get her to forget I exist and be happy with her dad at night time.

As discussed with a friend the other night (HI DIANA!) it turns out you can actually reason with toddlers, sometimes. So when she’s told that, “Mummy is asleep. The clock is blue and has Mrs Star on it. It’s not morning yet. Let’s go back to sleep here. Daddy will sit on this chair here until you fall asleep.” SHE JUST DOES IT.

I am so full of beans I’m writing a bloody blog post! AND I CAN DO THIS because when she woke up from her nap she didn’t scream blue murder when her dad went to her and demand to see me, she just fell back to sleep with him.

Such a liberating feeling is so odd. I love that I’m no longer bound to her at night and can actually have 10 hours straight in my own bed. I can’t remember the last time this has happened.  But also I feel like I should feel a little bit sad. I don’t though, so that’s good. FullSizeRender 3

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