Home away from home…

For the majority of my teen years I was lucky enough to live on the Costa del Sol. Even more fortunate is that my parents have kept our house here in Spain so we can use it for holidays (you can too – they rent it out most of the year so have a nosey here if you fancy it!).

As many families have worked out, renting a flat or a house to make your own for your holiday stay makes things a million times easier when you’re away. Having the space for all of the toddler related paraphernalia is one thing but the things I’ve valued the most this trip have been:

  1. Outdoor space – When E wakes up at 6am UK time I can roll over and go back to sleep while Bearded Man does his manly duty of early morning fathering. Oh and I’m working on my tan during nap time so having some grass and/or a sun bed to recline on is pretty amazeballs.
  2. Beautiful sunsets – The time we spend between the toddler’s bed time and our own can be short (I was in bed by 9:30pm last night, for example) so being able to soak up the last of the rays with an alcoholic beverage shouts HOLIDAY for me.

3. Endless sandpits – The last time I went to Crystal Palace Park sandpit we had an argument because it was SO BLOODY COLD that E was shivering and I had to force her into her pram to leave. She wanted to stay and planked with all her might. This has not happened on the sandy Costa del Sol beaches. Thumbs up for everyone.


We’re still away so I’ll update with a guide to what we’ve found fun (apart from the sandy beaches…) when we return!

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