Toddlers are large sponges

Is it a case of trial and error or does my toddler really understand where lip balm goes? 

My beauty routine isn’t exactly a full time job. It doesn’t include painting my eyebrows on as it once did and l I don’t even get them waxed and tinted nowadays…! To be honest it usually encompasses a grand total of 3 products.

Tinted moisturiser. Mascara. Blusher.

Done in under 2 minutes tops. 

My 19 month old already knows how to apply these products. Or at least thinks she does. She wants to copy so many things I do I can’t help but panic. 

Am I being a good role model? Should I be wearing makeup around her? Am I doing enough to counter the objectification of women in society?

I know toddlers are just soaking up/downloading all the information around us so it’s to be expected that she wants to sweep the blusher brush over her own face once I’m done. I should really be equating it with her wanting to copy all the other mundane things I do in my day that she finds fascinating… but I do feel a sense of responsibility to make sure I’m not body shaming myself in her presence. 

I explain to her that I am putting on the moisturiser to make sure my skin doesn’t get sore (this is true but it also does a good job of hiding some of the bags under my eyes – something I omit in my narration). But I’m struggling to explain why I need my lashes to look longer and fuller for our walk around the woods and to go to the library. 

“Mummy is putting this on because she’s been conditioned to think it’s necessary and will make her feel happier!” Doesn’t quite have the positive ring to it that I’m looking for. 

The makeup issue is just another reminder of how big this job of parenting is and how much there is to think through. I’m not about to throw away my small stash of makeup but I guess I will have to start thinking about how I explain it all to her when she progresses from No! and More! to Why?

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