Finding Balance

Generally I try to avoid using my phone when it’s just Tot and I, the odd photo for sure but nothing else unless it’s an urgent phone call. (“She’s thrown her food everywhere, I’m knackered, you said you’d be home by now… where are you?!?”) 

But then I find myself scrolling through the hundreds of beautiful Instagram accounts after bedtime like I’m catching up on lost time… Will I will have missed anything essential?! Depending on my mood I start to either feel Mum-guilt that my life is not that amazingly multicoloured or inspired to try to make it so. 

So I think that rather than banning myself, binging and then feeling guilty I need a new approach to the internet. 

1. Speak to people more! Try to be in touch rather than perving over people’s lives. 

2. Attend more Stay and Play so that Tot can do her artsy activities while we’re there. 

3. Read more books. Tot bloody loves them so I must be modelling this a bit but I’m convinced that screens make people mad. 

4. Listen to the radio. Radio 4 is ever so soothing so I can’t possibly feel crap when I listen to it! 

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