Paris with a toddler

I’m going to start with a spoiler… We’ve decided we don’t want to go away at half term anymore. It’s not just because of this trip, I think we’ve just realised that having life and a toddler is quite hard and tiring. So, although we had a lovely time I think we probably could have had a lovely time blowing a load of money on a hotel for the two of us for one night and then spending the rest of the week sleeping at every possible opportunity!

The biggest surprise for me on this trip was that we both felt a little nervous at times. Living in London feels very different to being in Paris. It was slightly bizarre to be walking around and have the army patrolling nearby. It didn’t personally make me feel particularly safe. There’s talk of having armed police on the underground here, apparently to reassure the public, so perhaps it’s something I’m just going to have to get used to…

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad, we had lots of fun and I’ve promised myself I will speak in French more/all the time. We spent a shed load of cash on beautiful kids books in French so I feel like I should supplement it with some French monologues throughout my days with tot. I also bought a few parenting magazines in French to get my brain working in the language more.

We enjoyed visiting a few tourist spots: the Eiffel Tower and a walk along the Seine were lovely and we had loads of fun at the science museum (mostly outside with the pigeons and French kids as the exhibitions were so busy!!) We also ended up walking around the streets close by to the studio we rented which felt good, it’s something I’m used to doing when we travel. Tot napped a lot while we walked which gave us the chance to chat and catch up. Though it did mean I was quite tired by the time she woke up! Coffee was the beverage of choice and burgers ended up being the food of choice. Not a particularly healthy weekend but it was a fun one.

Here are a few of my favourite snaps from the short break in Paris…







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