Creating a Montessori bedroom

… on a tight budget!

By the time we got around to decorating ‘the nursery’ it was a year into our parental journey and Tot was just about ready to give up the super comfortable parental bed for her own room.

After the initial terror and even through the face kicking, both Bearded Man and I enjoyed co-sleeping. It wasn’t so much that we had stopped enjoying it and were desperate to move our babe into her own room, it was more to do with the amount of chaos in the other parts of the house. The lounge was looking more and more like a playroom and our bedroom had all her clothes and other paraphernalia in there too. We needed some order.

Decorations: Apart from the alphabet print and the fruit pictures (IKEA) the art we put up were pre-owned, bits we’d framed over the years and thought she’d like. There’s a definite animal theme going on. The bunting and wooden London were both gifts, very lovely gifts! (Update: We’ve moved that bedside table as it looked like it was becoming a bit of a hazard… We wanted to have her clothes in there but when she started toddling about I was having visions of her careering into it.)

Books: Thanks to ideas on Pinterest and a handy uncle, Tot has an ever expanding library on display and at her reach. She absolutely loves books and it’s super cute now she’s old enough to collect one, bring it over to the bed and plonk herself down ready and waiting for you.


Bed: If you Google Montessori bedroom it comes up with lots of £200-300 beds… We didn’t have £300 to throw at a baby room but we did have a floor, a spare single mattress, a bed guard and we bought an IKEA a mattress topper. Handily it means we can still sort of co-sleep; if she needs a cuddle to get back to sleep it’s easy enough for us to slip in with her to settle her down.


I’m sure at some point we managed to con her into the cot but in all honestly the cat has got the most use out of it…It’s a 100-odd-quid IKEA cat bed and too small baby clothes storage space.


The main ‘themes’ for her bedroom surrounded a desire to create her own space with lots of activities accessible at her height. We wanted somewhere she could entertain and be entertained and that was, obvs, super safe. We wanted to develop independence and for her to be able to play apart from us. We wanted to have a stair gate on her door so she can get up and toddle about when she wakes up from her naps.

We got most of what we wanted… for barely any money!


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