Microwave Meals

It’s been over a week since the new addition to our family arrived by courier. Our kitchen looks a bit like a Currys advert or a page in a John Lewis catalogue; since getting our own flat we’ve gone a little bit appliance mad.

At first I was determined to make every.damn.thing in the microwave because why the heck not?! Perhaps a little strange coming from someone who really loves food, really loves cooking and has been brought up as a massive foodie. I had just got fed up of the same recipes and the same mess left behind after every meal. On reflection, I think I need to be using it a bit more judiciously lest we all end up with scurvy.

We try to make sure we all eat together as a family so as well as being quick and easy to make they need to be easy enough for Tot to feed herself AND healthy. Phew, a bit of an ask?! We’ve found a few hits so far, which I have posted on my Pinterest board:


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