How To Parent (According to Anne Robinson)

Who really knows what they’re doing anyway?!

As a special (very early) birthday gift I’ve sent Bearded Man out every Thursday to a life drawing class.

So what did I do with my free time? I did an audit of what we have in our freezer and watched a programme about parenting. ROCK AND ROLL.

Anne Robinson’s Britain: Parenting is a bit like saying ‘Yeah everything kind of works and it just depends on what’s right for each family’, for an hour.

In the spirit of writing reviews like my Year 8s…

Things I liked: I giggled at the line ‘Do you want a bit of booby? Shall we calm you down?’ from the Attachment Parenting mother of 7 who slept with her 3 youngest. I giggled because it sounded like me, though I don’t think I have a strong enough character (or enough wine?!) to ever have that many children.

Things I didn’t like: I have to say, the religious family with the wife who actually said ‘I like to think I’m a submissive wife. I find real freedom in submitting to him’ made me feel a bit uncomfortable. They seemed to have a very strong bond based on indoctrination…

My favourite part/The message: Though there was clearly a focus on mothering, rather than parenting (aside from the single dad who seemed, in my opinion, to be acing things, love his phrase of running a ‘tight, loose ship’!) I did like that the overall message seemed to be that parents, generally, do what’s right for them and their kids and themselves.

Whether you’ve got 298 parenting manuals or take your kids out to the forest every day to play it’s OK if your kids are happy and they’re probably going to turn out OK in the end…!

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