Welcome Autumn…

… we’ve been expecting you.


Our first proper day of exploring the autumnal parks was amazing fun! Our dear Tot only really realised the art of walking existed about a fortnight ago but maaaan does she love it. Wednesday marked the first wearing of pair of ‘proper shoes’ (from Clarks with tigers on…!) and since then every time she sees them she wants to put them on.

One of the highlights was animal hunting – we did some slug poking (and talked at length about how animals don’t tend to like being bashed over the head, as patient as our cat might be) and some dog chasing. Both of which elicited mucho screams of excitement.

All the dog walking women loved Tot and told her all about their babies; we met a long haired chihuahua who Tot fell in love with, there was also a HUUUUGE dog the size of a horse on its rounds, amongst other cuties.

I’m really impressed with how far she wants to walk considering it must be so hard for her. She’s very determined and picks herself up with a smile every time.

We had a really lovely, chore-less day and… dare I commit it to writing? Because the stars have aligned and her naps have cut down to one looong one, she has just started sleeping through the night. (That’s it – I’ve probably jinxed us to another 13 months of sleep deprivation.) Whatever the witchcraft that made it happen, I feel about a million times better and filled with energy and ideas to keep her entertained.

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